3-й СНГ-Форум Исламского Банкинга и Финансов 2023

Всем добрый день❗️

⚡️Всем небанковским кредитным организациям❗️

14 марта 2023 года в гостинице Hyatt Regency Tashkent, Узбекистан (https://www.hyatt.com/ru-RU/hotel/uzbekistan/hyatt-regency-tashkent/tasrt), Центр Исламского банкинга и экономики «АльХуда» организует «3-й СНГ- Форум Исламского банкинга и финансов» (https://www.alhudacibe.com/cis2023/index.php), с последующим двухдневным семинаром (15-16 марта 2023 г) в Ассоциации Банков Республики Узбекистан на тему «Инновационный подход к Исламскому банкингу и финансам».

(https://www.alhudacibe.com/cis2023/index.php)Организатор форума AlHuda CIBE

(https://www.alhudacibe.com/cis2023/index.php)Информационный партнер форума -«Национальная Ассоциация участников финансового рынка» (НАУФР)

(https://naufr.uz/category/news/)❗️👉Членам НАУФР предоставляется скидки в размере – 15% ✅

Как принять участие?
1) Заполнить анкету
2) Отправить анкету на Email: Uzbekistan@alhudacibe.com
3) Связаться либо позвонить на контакт WhatsApp/Telegram: +998 94 611 27 29 ответственному лицу Ирода Норова которая подготовит все документы.

Ro’yxatdan o’tish anketasi_Forum

Полная информация здесь: https://www.alhudacibe.com/cis2023/

С уважением , 🏨НАУФР
(email: info@naufr.uz lotus adress: naufr, телефон 99-808-11-04, телеграмм 98-363-11-04)3rd CIS Forum Profile_RussianRelated: colin mckean cause of death, starbucks product and service design, what not to eat in bulgaria, teq ssj3 goku angel hidden potential, repetition of motifs in there was a child went forth, how to refill a scripto candle lighter, ballad health team member health phone number, wicked chicago 2022 tickets, dismissal stricken pursuant to plea, 3 bedroom townhomes in fredericksburg, va, captain carter height after serum, forthcoming funerals at crownhill crematorium, borgess medical records, karinear cooktop manual, how to wash hair with staples in head,Related: dekalb county schools salary schedule 2022, lansing state journal obituaries, vinyl mailbox post parts, samia companies address, madeira carnival 2023, gorillas rider bonus scheme, list the consequences of walking in darkness, texas state bobcat stadium bag policy, find a loan shark on craigslist, chelmsford city racecourse vaccination centre, exemple de priere d’intercession pdf, immanuel college staff, last friday (2022), is glow stick liquid toxic to eyes, liverpool dental hospital walk in,Related: dr stephen cabral quack, phyllis chandler daughter of spring byington, how to connect 6 dots with 3 lines, can snakes sense pregnancy, pros and cons of chp officer, was leonard cohen married, information processing approach to intelligence, curing agent in polymers, strawberry st germain mimosa another broken egg recipe, who is the little girl at the end of bridget jones’ diary, les pays africains qui reconnaissent le polisario en 2021, townsville to cardwell train, michael ansara boston, drone thrust calculator, iowa federal indictments 2019,Related: dixie stampede branson area appreciation, jai glasgow new husband, are there chiggers in south dakota, renew handicap parking permit florida, how to get shattered community calamity, average number of customers in a restaurant per day, when a girl says don’t be a stranger, in the third paragraph, the speaker primarily portrays the critic as being, woman’s day magazine archives, female country music singers that smoke cigarettes, jennifer miller kavouniaris, why was laurie metcalf uncredited in runaway bride, ark managarmr controls, playlist video google, one up mushroom chocolate bar,Related: flynn funeral home obituaries, things to do in tallahassee for birthdays, ct police academy graduation 2021, billy and kelly flynn today, , morrisons fresh cream palmier, kathy and gary hoarders update, gypsy jokers allies, picture of mark reilly strong island, advantages and disadvantages of conciliation, personal color analysis seoul, sister maria of the crucified love, can you have an mri if you have hernia mesh, is the french foreign legion worth it, woodland waters phase 6,Related: michael moynihan net worth, wkrp cast member dies, 3 words to describe your personal brand, why are planes flying so low today 2021, monroe clark middle school shooting, d’s delights food truck menu, diane warman age, tempur pedic first responder discount, call to worship for trinity sunday, joe garagiola cause of death, when we were young concert 2022, newell coach problems, dani shapiro husband cancer, how to rename a variable in python, booth funeral home rockwood tn,Related: thomas jefferson hospital salaries, sweetgreen spicy broccoli recipe, debo funeral home obituaries fulton, mo, can you travel to costa rica with a dui, shooting in buford, ga today, ellyn dunford obituary, boystown net worth, 9 de pique association, phoenix to santa fe, new mexico drive, rod antolock net worth, most famous crocodile attacks, howard stern grandchildren, starcraft 2 the hyperion crew mod, superior court of arizona in maricopa county phoenix, az, silas weir mitchell limp,

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